Meet Stacy

Stacy Marinelli

I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to photography in 4-H and continued to develop my skills in high school with film and night photography. It remained one of my favorite hobbies for the next 20 years. I practiced and developed my technique through life experiences, special events, occasions with family and friends, my children's activities and the occasional photography job.

In September of 2011, an automobile accident forced me to change the speed of my life -- to be still. My car hit an eighty foot steel beam stopped in the middle of the road. It peeled the roof off my minivan like a sardine can. It was God's plan for me to slow down that day, not to die. I survived a serious head trauma and damaged my spine calling for total neck reconstruction. It forced me to take stock in life in a different way.

It was a lengthy recovery, and brutal for an active mother of four - difficult for the entire family. The jobs that had filled my days, were suddenly off limits. I was to rest, let myself heal, one day at a time.

Soon, it was spring and I was missing another great passion of mine, the garden. I watched as my beloved garden was awakening. Instead of reaching for my favorite shovel and clippers, I reached for my camera and walked my garden. I admired the beauty through the lens. Buds to blooms, fiddleheads to ferns, and thousands of photos later, I had my first collection of photographs - The Healing Garden.

The Healing Garden has served me in many ways by allowing me to slow down to see the beauty in life and to capture these moments with my photography. I carry my camera practically everywhere I go now because there is so much to see! The world is full of beautiful moments, beautiful sights, beautiful objects; I am inspired to capture them and revisit them in pictures.

In essence, I am a self-taught photographer -- amateur, turned pro. My style and subjects are diverse. I do it all with great passion and wish to share joy through my photography. I hope by sharing my story and photographs, I will inspire others to make time for the things they are passionate about and see the beauty in the garden of life.

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