Picture it Purposefully

Selecting images can be much more powerful then hitting "click" on a stock photo. 
My first commissioned photography job was a book cover.   My good friend and author, Stacy Feiner, requested a photograph for the cover of her first book on the importance of leadership and bench strength in business.  It gave me the opportunity to work “in the field” photographing benches in stadiums and ballparks in various communities.

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Build Your Bench

The Garlic Mustard Pull Challenge

What is the garden's archenemy?  Garlic Mustard!  The extremely aggressive perennial plant, Garlic Mustard, is difficult to control given its explosive rate of reproduction.  Even after the plant is pulled, it continues to live and germinate with only a glimpse of sunlight and drop of water.  

Help protect the natural habitat and wildflowers by Spreading the Word, not the Seed!

Pull Garlic Mustard and dispose of it responsively.
Participate in the Great Garlic Pull Challenge!

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Protect the Natural Habitat by Participating in the Garlic Mustard Pull This Spring!

Welcome to My Blog

I have been writing in a journal since my first crush as a young girl. Now, a mother of four, my children frequently ask me to read the page from my journal written on the day they were born. Inevitably, this journey down memory lane does not end there, I continue on to read entries involving their siblings and their silly ways...

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The happy new owner of this rare Victorian bird hat will look fabulous at next month's classic car show ~ North Dakota

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