Build Your Bench

Picture it Purposefully


Selecting images can be much more powerful then hitting "click" on a stock photo. 

My first commissioned photography job was a book cover.   My good friend and author, Stacy Feiner, requested a photograph for the cover of her first book on the importance of leadership and bench strength in business.  It gave me the opportunity to work “in the field” photographing benches in stadiums and ballparks in various communities.  Many of my photographs were used for her marketing campaign and published in articles and social media.  In the end, my photograph of a bench at dawn, landed the front cover of Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength. Selecting images purposefully, rather than generic stock photos, was more meaningful and authentic to the author.  My photographs reflected the essence of her work, which is the purpose of my work.

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