The happy new owner of this rare Victorian bird hat will look fabulous at next month's classic car show ~ North Dakota

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I have been writing in a journal since my first crush as a young girl. Now, a mother of four, my children frequently ask me to read the page from my journal written on the day they were born. Inevitably, this journey down memory lane does not end there, I continue on to read entries involving their siblings and their silly ways. Each time I share a story with them, I bathe in the light of their dancing eyes. For this reason and many more, I believe in the power of the written word. With today's technology, I am embracing the opportunity to share my stories with a wider audience.

Over the past few years, there have been many changes in my life. My children are now in school all day allowing me some much needed time to myself. I have had a few surgeries, a near fatal car accident and alas, my hair is rapidly turning gray. I worry about my parents aging, my mother's business and the community I was raised in (and still consider home). These changes have naturally put me on a new journey which is now starting to take shape.

The Journey of Living Purposefully

A few years ago, my sister and I began the difficult conversation about the future of my mother's business. Founded in 1968, Rainbow Party Rentals has served Tuscarawas County, Ohio for forty-seven years. My mother, Kathy, has been successful in growing her "One Stop Party Shop" and continues to welcome customers through the doors Monday - Saturday and Sundays for balloon pick ups. Her high energy and passion for her business are inspiring; yet, my sister and I could not help but to be concerned about the future of the business.

After reflecting on this in terms of recent events in my life, I felt compelled to become involved in the family business once again, as I was when I was much younger. Making the decision to go back to work for the family business was a purposeful one. The large inventory acquired over the years would be cumbersome for any one person to tackle, especially if my mother were unable to assist with her talent and knowledge. I began my work in one area of the business -vintage. The love of vintage fashion and costume has no boundaries. The items have a story, or complete somebody elses. I turned to eBay to sell these limited collector's pieces. My family embraced this forward vision as a way to carry on my mother’s legacy. I receive letters on a daily basis from customers all over the world thanking me for placing these items in their hands --completing WW2 private collections, historical museum displays, 1920's photography shoots or a 1950's hat a sweet woman wears to church the next Sunday. To me, this is one of the most beautiful ways to recycle, re-use, live purposefully and share joy.

Join me in my Journey - Live Purposefully

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